About Us

Rice Barrrel Company (RBC) originated in 1997 by Liston Rice, L.C. Rice and David Rice. It took several years to acquire the necessary machinery and they built the first CNC controlled Rifling machine to be used to make muzzleloading barrels. Jason Schneider (current owner) met Liston while serving his Tool & Die apprenticeship where Liston was a Master Tool & Die maker. Jason was very interested in learning the fine art of barrel making and was a gun enthusiast and an avid competition shooter. He spent as much time as he could to learn from Liston. Jason even offered to work for free for Liston just so he could gain experience in his barrel shop. In 2003, Jason went to work for RBC. Then, in 2011, Jason bought the company and moved it to Mocksville, NC into a newly built 2400 sq. ft. facility. Within the first year a CNC lathe was added. In the second year a CNC milling machine with 4th axis capability also joined the team. Since then, new manual and CNC machines have been added that help produce quality barrels for the growing need of the Muzzleloading community. With all the demand and all the new equipment, the shop has more than doubled its original size. Jason is STILL dedicated and enthusiastic about building high quality muzzle loading barrels.